Tlos is one of the oldest Lyian cities & it is the sort of site you can either take in quickly or linger on for an afternoon. It was re-discovered in 1838 by the 19th century archaeologist Charles Fellows with the following being said about the approach to Tlos:  

"The whole ride down this upper valley is beautiful and varies continually; it's scenery, on approaching the bold Greek like situation of the ancient city of Tlos, is strikingly picturesque".

It's an interesting Lycian city in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, because of the presence of the Ottoman fortress of "Bloody Ali" (Kanli Ali in Turkish), who inhabited the highest parts & was used by him as winter quarters. It is spectacular in the spring with snow on the mountains that stand tall behind the theatre & has a dramatic setting on a rocky outcrop & is dominated by its acropolis.

The wall to the east of the acropolis belongs to the Lycian period. To the east and north of the acropolis are the rock tombs, which form an impressive view from some distance. The necropolis of Tlos is contained within the Roman walls, whereas Lycian sarcophagi bearing inscriptions can be found here. Inscriptions tell us that the citizens were divided into demes, the names of three of them are known: Bellerophon, Iobates and Sarpedon, famous Lycian legendary heroes.

The Roman walls encircle the acropolis where it is left exposed without a natural rock wall. The eastern part of the outer stone walls is in sufficiently good shape to indicate their original monumental proportions. A gate pierces the walls at the south-eastern corner.

Amongst the ancient remains, the finest among them is the ‘Tomb of Bellerophon’ with a temple like facade. Bellerophon was not the owner of the grave, rather a mythical hero riding a winged horse, which is depicted on the inside of the wall & these carvings on the tomb represent Tlos' main claim to archaeological significance & with the influence of many cultures upon Tlos, this has resulted in an interesting collage of structures.

Tlos is a truly fascinating place & steeped in history but is also somewhere romantic at the same time, with its lush nature & many of the buildings being vine-covered, you can’t help but be swept away with the picturesque surroundings.

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