Gocek is a small peaceful seaside village & even though the land prices have skyrocketed in the last decade since it became an internationally famous port, with it’s abundance of freshwater, warm climate & fertile soil, farming is still heavily practiced.  

It is surrounded by beautiful coves & bays, with the green panorama of the city being further accented by the ever present pine trees along the hills.

Inland life revolves around the pretty market square, which is lined with little shops selling antiques & crafts as well as the more usual carpets but one of the pleasures here in Gocek, is a stroll around the Marina to admire the array of boats of all shapes and sizes moored here. Although the waterfront is lined with bars & restaurants, rest assure that peacefulness still remains as whilst dining the only sound you will hear is the wind in the pines & the occasional lapping of water against a boat hull & once finished, take sheer pleasure of sitting beneath the stars, between the bobbing boats in complete peace and quiet.

The Bay of Skopea, which stretches out from the village is a perfect place for cruising its twelve islands, which offer an abundance of sheltered coves. Tersane Island feature’s he partially submerged ruins of a Byzantine monestry & an ancient boat-yard & there is a restaurant on the island, making it a favourite overnight anchorage. Although the area is called the 12 islands, there are in fact, far more than that & you could easily explore a different one each day of your holiday & on some you will find a simple restaurant or fragments of classical or Byzantine ruins & on others, simply nothing but glorious peace and quiet.

With Gocek having preserved most of its original beauty, all you need to do is embrace your surroundings & be taken in by the tranquil atmosphere.

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