Not far from Kalkan lies a hidden valley that is located near the Tauros mountains. Set in a grand natural park of pine, oak & cedar trees, you are greeted by an amazing characteristic feature, the Saklikent gorge.  

At 300m deep & 18km long, this is the longest gorge in Turkey, with summer being the perfect time to visit because due to it being so narrow, the sun cannot penetrate the water making it enjoyably cool & shady & a refreshing change to the strong Turkish sun.

Inside, you will find yourself immersed in another world amongst the high rocks. The limestone walls that have been sculpted by the water rising high above to the number of caves, a total of 16 have been found & is thought to be the sheltering for the ancient people that entered into the gorge.

Walking through Saklikent, you mostly sink into the deep wet clay but along the way, a quick refreshing shower can be had underneath the waterfalls & something that is intriguing to watch is when you reach the Ulupinar Springs, this is where water bubbles up under great force from the base of the cliffs, something quite striking to see.

The gorge is open from April 1 to September 30 with 4km of the gorge being walkable during this time, as this is when most of the snow from the Tauros mountains has melted & passed through the gorge on its way to the Xanthos river.

It is dependent on you as to how far you dare to explore the gorge due to the constant changes of the natural conditions, uneven river bed & strength of the flow but for those less confident or less able they shouldn’t worry as they can sit & relax under the shade of the trees houses, which have been carefully dressed with rugs & cushions, which is in keeping with the Turkish culture & you are able to enjoy a nice refreshing drink & savour many things of the menu, with fresh trout from the fish farm being highly recommended.

One thing you will need to think carefully about is your chosen dress & shoe wear as you will get wet! Make sure your shoes are securely fitted otherwise they will be lost & swimwear is ideal with a spare set of clothes to change into. Another thing to remember is those expensive items such as mobile phones & cameras, ideally bring a water proof camera & leave everything else behind otherwise all those stunning photos will be lost forever.

Photographs & spoken words do not do Saklikent justice, this is an absolutely beautiful, esoteric & fascinating place & is truly a must for anyone who is interested in culture, history & natural beauty.

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