Kekova is a beauty that the earth has provided us with, where nature & history have merged & become inseparable, ancient cities such as Aperlai, Kekova, Simena, & Theimussa are to be found in the  

vicinity & the Kekova region was declared a Specially Protected Area in 1990 to protect the natural, cultural & geographic richness of Kekova Island & the surrounding coast.

It is also a place where hundreds of bays meet in its sea, which contains all the colours of blue & besides attracting the attention of millions of tourists every year for its spectacular ancient ruins & cities, Kekova is a natural harbour, a shelter with its unique bays & a very popular anchorage for the thousands of yatchs that arrive.

Beyond its unspoilt beauty & cultural features, Kekova shows very significant geological formations: an undulated coastal line, hydrobiological features and the sheer scenic beauty of the area, which all together form a breath-taking scenery. Kekova also has a rarely seen attraction along the shore of the Island where a Lycian sunken city can be observed.

The geological movements of the Island caused the city to submerge, creating a strange scene with half of the city under water and half above. You will be able to see remains of stone foundations beneath your boat and on the land staircases seemingly going to nowhere, with remains of abandoned houses. There are also strangely shaped rock islands that have been hollowed out as they were used as stone quarries and later as dwellings.

The ancient city of Simena was once of two parts - an island and a coastal part of the mainland. On the mainland the charming fishing village of Kaleköy ("castle village") stands today, its buildings mingling with ancient and medieval structures. The top of the village is dominated by a well-preserved castle built by the Knights of Rhodes partially upon ancient Lycian foundations. Inside the castle is the smallest amphitheatre of Lycia. At the eastern end of the village is a Lycian necropolis with a cluster of some very nice sarcophagi overlooking the sea and surrounded by ancient olive trees. Near the harbour of Kaleköy is another sarcophagus, popping up from the water.

The ancient Lycian sunken city of Simena is often referred to as Kekova-Simena. The city is a charming mix of ancient, medieval and modern history making it interesting as well as beautiful. In ancient times Simena was a small fishing village and was later an outpost of the Knights of Rhodes (formerly of St. John).

Kekova-Simena is an enjoyable place to visit, somewhere you never imagine to have such beauty & charm. However, when you are there, it embraces you & you start to feel as if this is the only place you should ever be.

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